The Trozzi Report Episode 2 | With Dr Francis Christian

Surgeon, historian, poet, humanitarian, and defender of Canada's children.

Dr Francis Christian is a surgeon, historian, poet, and humanitarian. His resume is impressive; it inspires us to focus when he speaks. His long list of awards and credentials, has been crowned with the Covid Era award for ethical and scientific integrity. That award comes in the form of persecution from the WEF, WHO, and Pathetic-“big”- Pharma meat puppets that currently ¬†infest Canadian Universities, Ministries of Health, and Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons.

Dr Christian is relentless in promoting truth and protecting children, by ensuring that parents are truthfully informed about covid and the injections. He stands against the fraud and corruption, regardless of the price to him. Please join me, as he shares his unique and most current perspective of the past two and one half years. This interview includes an important message for physicians.

Related Material

  1. What started it all? On June 17th 2021 , Dr Christian spoke at a concerned parents press conference advocating for lawful informed consent and the safety of children in relation to the covid injections. Four days later, on June 21, 2021 Dr Christian was summoned to a dystopian zoom meeting where he was fired by Susan Shaw, the Chief Medical Officer of Saskatchewan Health Authority; Preston Smith, the Dean of College of Medicine, Univeristy of Saskatchewan; and Brian Ulmer, Interim Head, Dept of Surgery. The meeting is exceptionally creepy.
  2. Beautiful 4 Minute Rallying Cheer for Freedom Trucker Convoy. January 28, 2022. Biggest Protest in Canadian history. Rising up against the Covid tyrants and criminals. Here is the rally cry.
  3. Dr. Francis Christian’s law suit against the Saskatchewan Health Authority and the University of Sasketchewan’s College of Medicine, et. al
  4. Dr Christian’s current writings are found on his substack
  5. Children Should Be Freed Now and Never Covid-Injectedby Dr Paul Alexander PhD and Dr Mark Trozzi MD October 7, 2021
  6. Dr Francis Christian’s October 21, 2021 speech at the George Jonas Freedom Awards is found here. He draws on his knowledge of Soviet history and relates the historical context of the covid crimes against humanity.