Vax Control Group Final Report

"Self-Selected COVID-19 “Unvaccinated” Cohort Reports Favorable Health Outcomes and Unjustified Discrimination in Global Survey"

Authors: Robert Verkerk PhD, Christof Plothe DO, Naseeba Kathrada MbChB, Katarina Lindley DO

We want to thank ANH International, World Council For Health scientists and 18,479 people who were able to hold their ground, resist the forced covid-injections, and support real science. This includes some of the readers here, who joined the Vax Control Group when we announced it in 2021. These pooled real-world health experiences generated a large pool of data, for this first large study of its kind.

In short, reality and honest science does not support the push to get people injected. “The findings suggest that opting out of the world’s largest medical experiment, relying on natural immunity, self-care with supplements, and/or ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine, appeared to contribute to low incidences of severe disease, hospitalization, or death.”

The study also reveals the unjustified discrimination and abuse of nonGMPs’ (non genetically modified people) by governments, institutions, and employers; many in the study lost their jobs  and incomes.

After censorship of a preprint version in June, the revised paper evaluating this 18,500-strong international cohort of covid-19 “unvaccinated” people has now been published in the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice and Research.

See: ANH International source and access to the full study report is here.

You can still join the Vax Control Group, reinforce your freedom to not be injected, and contribute to scientific evidence that the criminal covid enterprise does not want us to have; that is “what happens to the people who do do not submit to the forced jab, and how does that compare to the many coerced injection victims.”  

Over time we are seeing the profound benefits of building natural immunity, the effectiveness of early treatment including ivermectin, and the increasingly sad impacts of the misrepresented covid injections on their victims. Hence, I predict moving forward, that the Vax Control Study results will increasingly support an end to the covid-injections, and the liberation of healthy living and proper covid treatment.