Dr David Wiseman leaves us too wise to kill

A Review of FDA and CDC Events from June and July.

Dr David Wiseman and his team have done us the extreme favor of attending and monitoring in detail all the meetings of three separate advisory committees to the FDA and CDC. Here he reports on their June and July activities, and the FDA’s and CDC’s relationship to them.

We need to know how ridiculous these organizations are, and how dangerous following their advice will be. Dr Wiseman converts hundred of hours of his teams research into 40 minutes that will leave us too wise to kill.

In this high speed tour of the recent madness, Dr Wiseman demonstrates that the FDA and CDC go far beyond sloppy and reckless, into the realms of negligent, fraudulent, and in my opinion criminal causing harm and death. Please formulate your own opinion based on this evidence. I think you will be shocked and rid of any naivety that would support confidence in the FDA or CDC.

They know the shots are dangerous. They know the shots do not work.They know the shots increase the risk of covid infection. They use fraudulent math and cover up realities like a 27 times risk over benefit ratio, seizures in children, myocarditis, confusing labels, and absence of expiry dates.

They have no real world proof of benefit; instead, they invented the term “immunobridging” which means simply that some antibodies are produced after the injections. That is their new standard for claiming effectiveness, and it has no scientific foundation. Consider “antibody dependent enhancement

Their standard for “effective” is a continuously eroding interpretation of their criteria called  “may be effective”; seriously! The FDA’s own records discuss that the already shocking VAERS records of death and harms from these injections, are an under-estimate by a factor of 10 to 36 times.

“Public policy is built on interpretations of extrapolations of assumptions” and ” such policy is presented to the public as unchallengeable dogma and is then used as the basis for mandates, marginalization, and discrimination of those labeled as dissenters. “

Dr Wiseman concludes that ” public health officials have no choice but to honestly re-examine generic repurposed drugs in a way that not only engages those doctors and scientists who have advocated for their use, but also reverses their persecution”.   

In evaluating the possible safety and “may-be-effectiveness” of the covid injections, the CDC and FDA remind us of this fellow’s logic: