Dr Patrick Holford | Save IQ & Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

Here's how we can prevent the vast majority of Alheimer's Disease; rescue human intelligence; and stop the current trend of inter-generational diminishing IQ's.

99% of Alzheimer’s Disease is not genetic, and it can be prevented. Dr Patrick Holford’s team of scientists at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition have made great advances in the understanding of brain nutrition and health, as well as the early detection and prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. Here Dr Holford shares the top priority metabolic and nutritional solutions.

This presentation by Dr Patrick Holford includes humor and fascinating insights into human intelligence. He reveals: a 10% reduction in human brain size over the past ten thousand years; an ongoing decline in IQ of 7% from each generation to the next; as well as how we can stop the trend and rescue human intelligence. We’re going to need it!

Free cognitive function test

We are all invited to participate and benefit in the free, convenient and comprehensive early detection and prevention program being launched at www.foodforthebrain.org It’s  free to take the cognitive function test and begin receiving personalized guidance to preserve our mental function for life.   

We don’t have a cure for Alzheimers, but it can be prevented. Early detection, assessment, and expert guidance are key. Everyone over 40 is recommended to participate.