“Stop the Shots!” – 42 Doctors in 9 minutes

May this video help us to wake up more innocent people, save more lives, and restore justice.

The days when there were just a few of us speaking out has passed. There is a massive swell of honest scientists and medical doctors across Canada and the world, who are telling the truth and fighting to stop the injections.

These shots are not vaccines; they are dangerous genetic injections with additional undisclosed mystery ingredients. By strict definition they qualify as “bio-weapons” (see one and two). The adverse events and death statistics are staggering (see one and two).

It is shocking that there have not yet been mass arrests of individuals who occupy many positions in governments and other institutions, and continue ignoring real science, lying to the public, and pushing this poison; even mandating people be injected with it. The same perpetrators are unlawfully persecuting responsible doctors, scientists and others, who maintain our ethics, oaths, and scientific integrity.

Please share this video, especially with innocent people who believe the dinosaur media, and think it is only a fringe few doctors calling for a halt to the injections.

“Stop the shots!” from Dr. Marivic Villa, Dr. Michael Uphues, Dr. Kat Lindley, Dr. Bob Apter, Dr. Mary Talley Bowden, Dr. Paul Alexander, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Avani Gupta, Dr. Bruce Boros, Dr. Myhuong Nguyen, Dr. Ben Marble, Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. Chris Shoemaker, Dr. Grams, Dr. James A. Thorp, Dr. Sally Priester, Dr. Lynnell Lowry, Dr. Chris Hall, Dr. Fynn, Dr Rob Lowry, Dr. Moon, Dr. Steve Latulippe, Dr. Molly Rutherford, Dr. Calvin Blount, Dr. Erin Greer, Dr. Bryan Tyson, Dr. Mollie James, Dr. Terry Lakin, Dr. Claire Zengerle, Dr. Anthony, Dr. Angie Farella, Dr. Aaron Williams, Dr. Debra Viglione, Dr. Avery Brinkley, Dr. Neelu, Dr. Villa, Dr. John Witcher, Dr. Sonya Naryshkin, Dr. David Vella, Dr. Sigoloff, Dr. Bryan Ardis, Dr. Judy Mikovitz.