Dan Hartman | Son Sean (17) died 1 month after “vaccination”

Sean's father Dan Hartman shares his regret, pain, gratitude and anger

Dan Hartman does not want other parents to suffer the loss of their children. He doesn’t want other young people to die needlessly. He wants to thank the truth telling doctors who are standing against the criminal covid agenda and  saving whoever we can. Dan also wants the many complicit doctors to repent, speak up, and stop the injections.  

Here is Dan Hartman’s intense heart felt 5 minute presentation from the July 5th event where he spoke along with myself and other Canadian covid truth physicians and activists, as well as other victims of the injections.

Answers for Sean

Sean Hartman was the apple of his father’s eye. He was a completely healthy 17 year old boy who loved hockey. On August 25th young Sean was injected with Pfizer’s genetic experiment. Sean and his father were told that it was a vaccine, that it was safe and effective, and that he must must be injected with it in order to continue playing hockey. He was lied to and coerced.

On August 29th Sean was brought to an emergency department vommitting, in pain, and with a rash. He was discharged home with advil. No “vaccine” adverse event was reported; that is wrong but easilly explained in Canada where doctors lose their medical license for trying to report covid injection adverse events.  

On September 27th, Sean was found dead in his room. No cause of his death was diagnosed. No immunoflourescent staining for spike protein was included in his autopsy. Not finding something is easy; don’t look for it.

Here, Sean’s father Dan shares the harsh reality of Sean’s death, and life without him.

This was part of the July 5, 2022 event titled Then They Came For The Canadians Part 2. Canadian covid ethical doctors also spoke at the event. This included Drs Hoffe, Luchkiw, Malthouse, Shoemaker, Trozzi, Killian, and Fourchalk.

Here is the entire event with each speaker’s part time stamped.


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