Africa Rising Up Against the Covid Creeps

Shabnam Palessa Mohamed explains, with insights for us all

Africa is the least injected continent on Earth. Dr VandenBossche feels they are the  last hope for herd immunity to SARS-C0V2 among humans . For decades, pathetic-big-pharma have violated and experimented on Africans more than most of us; so Africans are wiser and less trusting of Gates, Tedros, the WHO, GAVI and other covid-creeps.  

Shabnam Palessa Mohamed is my dear and respected friend. We are close colleagues in the struggle to overthrow the global predators and return human rights and the rule of law. She is my fellow steering committee member of the World Council for Health, as well as the chair of the Law and Activism Committee of the WCH, on which I serve. She is a lawyer, mediator, award winning activist and journalist, founder of the African Sovereignty Coalition, CEO of Transformative Health Justice, Executive Director of Children’s Health Defense Africa, and more.

Here in conversation with Alex Newman of the New American, Shabnam explains that Africans are waking up to the dangerous agendas being pushed by Big Pharma and the one-world-order crowd. Africans were already skeptical of governments, international organizations and corporate colonialists; but the COVID pandemic has super-charged that awakening. Still, globalist institutions are fighting back, working to undermine the sovereignty of African nations. Mohamed is helping to lead a broad coalition across the continent exposing the evil and pushing it back.

Mohamed’s insights and example can serve us all. She explains that the current war is not country against country; rather it is the majority of us who are under attack by and needing to overthrow and prosecute a very small number of wicked actors like Gates, Fauci, Tedros, Schwabb and their minions embedded in governments and institutions around the world.