Understand and avoid the Covid and Monkeypox “Funnels”

How fear mongering and vague case definitions are used to funnel people into PCRs, injections and other harmful impositions.

Over the past two and one half years of covid-19, we have seen fear mongering and vague case definitions used to funnel people into the “covid machine” where false positive PCR tests, immune damaging interventions, and extremely harmful and misrepresented genetic injections were imposed. The real opportunity to promote healthy resilient immunity has been missed; many of the imposed interventions have had the exact opposite impact, and have crippled people’s immune systems.

Now we see similar patterns emerging by the same perpetrators such as the WHO’s Tedros; they’ve begun promoting their monkeypox agenda: fear mongering and vague case definitions used to funnel people into another deceptive PCR test and dangerous misapplication of vaccines; all the while, completely neglecting the promotion of natural immune system health.

People beware. Physicians please insist on returning to real clinical medicine and individualized healthcare.

Dr Rob Verkerk PhD and myself discuss this in part 3 of the H2H Podcast with Rob Verkerk PhD in conversation with Mark Trozzi MD. 12 minutes

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I strongly recommend Dr Verkerk and ANH International as a great source for health advice, which is based on deep research, a respect for nature, as well as wisdom and experience.

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