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Dr Rob Verkerk PhD and Dr Mark Trozzi MD

Contrary to the covid and monkeypox industry: health care is not a one size fits all process; inherited genes are not absolute determinants of our physical health; and we have power and choices over the epigenetic factors that modify the impacts of our genetic code.

Here are especially important insights for parents to maximize their children’s health and potential for life.

This is part 2 of the H2H Podcast with Rob Verkerk PhD in conversation with Mark Trozzi MD. 10 minutes.

Part 1 of this conversation series entitled “Genetic Dabbling: Dangerous Experiment & Over-Simplification” is here.

I strongly recommend Dr Verkerk and ANH International as a great source for health advice, which is based on deep research, a respect for nature, as well as wisdom and experience.

Thank you for studying, sharing, and supporting our missions at ANH International and DrTrozzi.org to help create a healthy, sane and free future for us all.


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