Stage 4 cancer survivor Will Dove interviews Dr Rob Verkerk

How do we achieve immune health and survive, even in the age of forced injections and bioweapons?

The forced covid injections have severely damaged peoples’s immune systems. The snake-heads of the bioweapons industry that brought us SARS C0V2 and the injections, are still at large and running most of the old world systems. Who knows what they will launch against us next?

Whether injected or not, we all have plenty of reason to seek enlightenment on maximizing our immune system health. This interview is a great starting point. Investigative journalist Will Dove is a rarity; he is a strong and fit survivor of stage four cancer. Dr Rob Verkerk PhD is a world class  human health expert, whom I deeply respect.

Discussion points include:

  • How do we face the immune disturbance?
  • How do we reverse engineer the narrative?
  • How are c-19 variant evolution and resilience related?
  • What about more serious diseases (like Marburg) in the immune disturbed?
  • What is metabolic flexibility?

Dr Rob Verkerk possesses deep scientific knowledge and a profound respect for nature. He is the founder of the Alliance for Natural Health International. I strongly recommend Dr Verkerk and ANH International as a great source for health advice, based on wisdom and detailed research.

Iron Will Dove is the founder of Strong and Free Canada. He is a remarkably strong and fit stage 4 cancer survivor, as well as a genuine investigative journalist committed to exposing truths and returning human rights and the rule of law to Canada. Strong and Free Canada delivers in all these regards.

Here is another piece of recent Dr Verkerk interview material with Iron Will. This part is titled First, Do No Harm” OR “Adverse Events are Collateral Damage. This discussion regarding the covid 19 injections answers the questions: What are the invisible signals not yet seen? How is the healthcare business killing itself (with lack of PV)? How is Africa the control group for the world’s largest experiment? What is spike protein disease, and what are the risks to fertility posed by the c-19 shots?