Uninformed Consent | Movie Premier

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Uninformed Consent is an in depth look into the Covid 19 narrative, who’s controlling it and how it’s being used to inject an untested, new technology, into almost every person on the planet. This film explores our recent loss of human rights while weaving in the devastating impact of mandates and the deeply powerful story of one man’s loss. Hear the truth from doctors and scientists unafraid to stand up against Pathetic-Big-Pharma and the wicked “Elite” Class who profit from these mandates.

Worldwide Movie Premiere of Uninformed Consent

Saturday July 23, 2022 7 PM EDT Join us with Vaccine Choice Canada for the Exclusive Worldwide Premiere Event with the Film Maker Todd Harris, the Producers, Doctors and Guests!

Register for the Premiere Event & Support Independent Filmmakers: https://UninformedConsent.Librti.com