The Trozzi Report | Episode 1 Part 3 | Dr Chris Shoemaker

All Cause Excess Mortality & VI AIDS

The forced injections have come with staggering increased death in people of all ages. The so-called Covid “Vaccines” are triggering an AIDS, called VI AIDS which means Vaccine Induced Acquired Immunity Deficiency Syndrome. Dr Shoemaker is very informed, accurate, and credible. I encourage all to listen to and share Dr Shoemaker’s messages.

About Dr Chris Shoemaker

Dr Shoemaker is a veteran physician who attended covid patients extensively. He was himself coerced and double jabbed before his research and clinical observations awoke him to the deceptions and mal-intent of the covid agenda. He speaks with great intellectual and emotional agility; and so is very effective in his mission to inform people, save lives, and help bring justice.

Please promote and share Dr Shoemaker’s insights. Lives will be saved.  In the preceding parts of this interview series, Dr Shoemaker explained:

Thank you for continuing to study , share, and support our work, and for all your actions in the mission for truth, freedom, and justice. Together, we are the persistence.