Concerned Genomics Experts are Censored Too


Thanks again to Tamara Ugolini and Rebel News for bringing us this interview with genomics expert Kevin McKernan. Dr Peter McCullough, Anthony Kyriakopouluos , and he authored “Differences in Vaccine and SARS-CoV-2 Replication Derived mRNA: Implications for Cell Biology and Future Disease” . This paper raises some serious concerns and questions about the covid genetic injections. It is being censored, which is no surprise to us.  

This highly successful and published scientist of the past three decades is seeing the scientific gate-keeping being used to suppress knowledge, while pushing these injections into our children.  

Most of the old scientific establishment has sold-out and lost all legitamacey. This is why we now  bring the information directly to the public. Thanks Kevin McKernan. Dr McCullough, A. Kyriakopouluos and Tamara Ugolini for giving Canadians the chance to be informed.