Dr Shoemaker 12 minutes with Rebel News. Exceptional!

Ivermectin saves lives; but the so-called covid "vaccines" are deadly. This is criminal.

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Ivermectin works; many lives could have been saved.

The so called "vaccines" don't work, but they do destroy immune systems

The injections sterilize women, and cause a plethora of disease states and death

And kill the unborn children of injected pregnant women

Crimes against humanity

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It is time to place the persecuted good doctors who did the right things in charge, and arrest the orchestrators of these crimes against humanity.

Thanks Tamara Ugolini and Rebel News for this important interview. Please share it far and wide. Lives can be saved. Society can be restored; but there is no time to waste.

Please support our mission. I am working very full time, much of it behind the scenes, to help end this madness. Your actions, prayers, and donations are very much needed and appreciated.

-Mark Trozzi MD