ER Doctor Whistleblower Exposes Myocarditis | Awake Canada

Hidden faces in the dystopian Canada where doctors are persecuted for doing the right things.

Thanks Awake Canada for this concise 7 minute video featuring a Canadian emergency doctor.  His identity is concealed to protect himself against the rogue and criminal medical regulators who persecute all law abiding and covid ethical doctors in Canada. Here this anonymous doctor does a very good job of explaining various things including post covid-injection myocarditis and its drastic long term effects on young coerced victims, for whom covid itself represented no statistical serious risk. Here you will see ultrasound video showing the malfunction of an inflamed heart. This doctor also confirms that the injections do not stop infection or transmission, and their coerced victims experience a dramatic increased risk of many diseases,  including covid and death. His alert and call to action for physicians bears the paradox of his hidden identity. This reminds us how dystopian things are under WEF/WHO/Covid-Regime occupied countries like Canada

Since early in the scamdemic, Awake Canada and its founder David Cheyne have been countering the abuse of men and women of Canada; standing up for and helping us understand our lawful rights.Here is a brief essay by Awake Canada’s founder David Cheyne.

Perhaps we will soon meet this good doctor undisguised.

Here is one of the first doctor in Ontario to make a similar type of appearance exposing covid truths, back in May 2020, just 2 1/2 months into the lockdowns and abuse. You can see how even back then, doctors knew that they were being muzzled; otherwise these would be open discussions, not requiring scrambled voices and faces.

Thanks for continuing to study and share knowledge of the science, politics, crimes and cover-ups of the covid era. Together we wil overcome the current and pathetic evil. Your actions, prayers and support are all essential and appreciated. – M Trozzi, MD