Crowd Resilience TV with Drs Hubmer-Mogg and Trozzi

Dr Maria Hubmer-Mogg and Dr Mark Trozzi discuss motivation and methods to help us stay strong and resilient, on Crowd Reslience TV

Very few places in the world can compete with Canada for institutionalized covid-crimes-against-humanity. Austria can; but “hard times make strong people” and in both our countries special people have risen up against the criminal covid enterprise.

One of my great contemporary heroes is Dr Maria Hubmer-Mogg. I am honored to be her friend and serve alongside her on the steering committee of the World Council For Health.

You may recall that on Feb 12, 2022 we shared Dr Hubmer-Mogg’s interview with Canada’s Iron Will Dove under the title “Dr Maria Hubmer-Mogg | Bravery in the Face of Fascism”.

Maria is an enlightened force to be reckoned with. She is very busy on many fronts. These include her legal work to restore justice, rule of law and human rights;  her organizing of rallies, protests and uplifting events for freedom and truth lovers across Europe; and most recently, her exploration of how we stay resilient through the covid war. You can find Dr Maria’s resilience explorations on many platforms using #crowdRESILIENCETV 

I’m honored that Maria included me in #crowdRESILIENCETV in this 17 minute interview. We explore what keeps me strong and motivated after two years in the fight. I hope that you find some useful gems here, that can also help you to stay strong and healthy, as we continue our mission, to abolish current evils and create a better future together.