The Fringe Majority Exposing Corruption

Speaking freely with two of my heroes: Cris Vleck and Jody Ledgerwood.

In this video, Jody, Cris and I expose and discuss corruption in the medical establishment, with an Ontario focus. The entire population has been denied access to honest medical care with experts thinking and speaking freely while advising and treating our patients honestly and in their best interests. We discuss the CPSO (College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario), and their persecution of Ontario’s ethically and scientifically intact physicians; plus lots more.

I hope that you find this interview empowering, entertaining, and even funny at times.

Why The Fringe Majority?

About 70% of Canada’s population have taken none, or are not taking any more “poison death shots” (~10% none, ~30% only one, ~30% two but no more, ~30% coerced into a third “booster” shot)

Jody Ledgerwood

Jody is a Momma Bear and Freedom Fighter. Warrior and Anti-Vax Karen are some of the labels she wears proudly. Jody is a staunch supporter of human rights, free will, the rule of law, education and protecting our children. Empowering people, sharing truth and organizing events are some of the things she is well known for. Here are the videos that first put Jody in the public spotlight.
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Cris Vleck

Cris is a 25 year communications professional. Like many people, Cris has seen a disturbing rise in the assault on free speech and free exchange of ideas.

Cris’s focus is on exposing the manipulation of our government’s public facing communications. Cris intends to pull back the curtain and reveal this propaganda until he can no longer do so.
Cris is a member of Take Action Canada, producer and writer for Will Dove’s ‘That Friday Show’ and heads up
Cris’ first video that was widely shared can be found here at