WEF Young Global Leaders: Comedy and Facts

JP Sears great satire. Plus a WEF Young Global Leaders reference document exposes operatives infesting governments

Here is a fun JP Sears 5 minute satire about the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders program:

The WEF's Young Global Leaders, Extensive List by Categories

Here’s a solid reference document exposing many of the WEF trained operatives that infest governments around the world. Without these Klaus Schwab minions, we could be living in a free world where human rights and the rule of law applied to all; a world where no one is forcibly injected with a deadly substance.  

What’s wrong with the WEF?

Schwab’s meat puppets in Canada include Justin Trudeau, Christie Freeland, Andrew Scheer, and Jagmeet Singh. So much for “government by the people, for the people” !

Thanks to Roger Golden Brown and griquas.com for this concise reference material. It reveals  many of the WEF Young Global Leaders who are embedded in governments globally. These are the people executing Schwabs “Great Reset” and “Fourth Industrial Revolution” agenda against all of us. Know thy enemy. Learn more here. 

There are many politicians with WEF connections that are not as obvious as the graduates of these WEF Young Global Leaders program. Many have connections that have been scrubbed from the WEF site, in response to many of us waking up to what a wicked organization the WEF is. You can look back at the internet as it was on given dates and discover the scrubbed evidence of cozy relations with the WEF. The Web.archive.org resource and description of how to use it is in our April 25th, 2022 post here. 

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