The Trozzi Report | Episode 1 Part 2 | Dr Chris Shoemaker

The bioweapon attack was deliberate


In part 1 of my interview with Dr Shoemaker we established his excellent credibility and deepened our understanding and evidence of the destructive suppression of ivermectin: the safe drug that could have reduced suffering and saved ~85% of the people who died from covid-19 (one, two, three).  

Here is the very intense part 2 (35 minutes). The good doctor takes off his gloves and holds no punches. He’s well researched and proves that the covid so-called “vaccines” are deliberate bioweapons; exposes the intention and deception around pegylated nanoparticles; exposes Pfizer’s attempt to hide the death of ~100% of unborn infants in pregnant women whom they  injected and reluctantly reported; the assault on women’s ovaries and fertility; clear evidence of the injection induced severe tissue damage in autopsies of injection victims; and drastic UK data of the first children injected. It’s massive evidence for the arrest and prosecution of negligent, incompetent, or just-plain-evil officials (one, two) who are promoting the “spiking” of kids.  

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We are working hard on many fronts, seen and unseen, to end the criminal covid enterprise, return human rights and freedom, heal the damage done, and help make a better future. I greatly appreciate and need your support.

Thanks to the great young freedom fighters at Over to the Youth for creating the great new opener, and assisting with video production.

Thanks, Mark Trozzi MD