Meet Dr Crystal Luchkiw

Compassionate and Diligent Physician under attack by the CPSO for providing ethical care rather than processing people according to the covid agenda

Dr. Crystal Luchkiw is an excellent physician–who has been abused and suspended by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO). She follows long-established medical and ethical practices, rather than processing people according to the Covid-19 agenda.

Thanks and support to one of Canada’s best sources of real journalism Bright Light News for this excellent interview.

Dr. Luchkiw was suspended March 17, 2022, under an allegation that she provided a medical exemption for the Covid-19 injection. Imagine that: Dr Crystal is accused of writing a note in  support of someone not being forcibly injected with a radical experimental nanotech genetic cocktail that leaves 3% of the people dead and 28% injured within three months (according to Pfizer’s own documents) and kills unborn infants, for an infection with less than 0.3% mortality.  Also, as we predicted the people who are most injected are now getting the most covid-19 infections. These so-called “vaccine” injections for a generally mild disease, comes with increased risk of covid-19 infection, and lots more death and disease (One, Two, Three).

JCCF constitutional lawyer Michael Alexander who is defending Dr Luchkiw, joins the conversation to discuss the CPSO’s overreach and their dangerous actions that immediately stranded 1,600 patients without medical care.

By eliminating all doctors who do not submit to the covid -agenda, the CPSO is denying all Ontarians access to honest Hippocratic-oath-honoring health care.  

Luchkiw and Alexander also discuss the wider topic of corruption in medicine and medical policy, including the WHO’s Pandemic Treaty, Bill Gates’ role in influencing global public health polices and more…

Considering the record setting death and injuries that follow the dangerous covid-19 genetic injections, it is truly perverse; based on allegations that she provided someone an injection exemption note, the CPSO has suspended Dr Luchkiw’s license, leaving her patients stranded, and her unable to work or provide for her family.

Contrast this with the case of Toronto’s Dr Sun. Dr Sun injected about 500 children between 6 months and five years. He did this despite the injection not being approved for this age group, not that it should be approved for anyone. Covid presents a zero statistical risk of serious illness or death for children. Toronto Public Health reported Dr Sun to the CPSO, but the CPSO simply dismissed the case while continuing fervently committed to eliminating all ethical Ontario doctors who will not submit to their masters’ agenda.  

This is why we protest and call for justice.

Please join other truth and freedom lovers demonstrating at the CPSO’s headquarters at 80 College St in Toronto tomorrow Friday June 24th from 1 to 4 pm

Here is the information for Friday’s protests across Canada at other Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons committing the same acts. link to the collection of posters  United we stand.

We can also follow Dr Luchkiw on substack.

Thanks for spreading the word, and supporting our mission.

Mark Trozzi MD