A Very Important Week for Canada’s Truth Movement

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Three important revalations

Canadians who are “vaccinated" have far higher rates of covid infection

Thanks to The Expose for quality real journalism and getting this out. Government of Canada recent covid statistics report for February 21 to May 8 shows:  

“Unvaccinated” Canadians have the lowest covid infection rate. Double jabbed have more than 2.5 times the infection rate. Triple injected people have more than 3 times the covid infection rate.

The Injections have negative efficacy of 163% for double jabbed persons, and 205% for triple injected persons. That means triple jabbed people are more than twice as likely to get covid than the falsely stigmatized people who refused to get injected despite the coercion and abuse. Justice is coming. Help bring it.

Here is The Expose article with much more details.

Proof BC's Minister of Health Bonnie Henry was well aware of "vaccine" injuries, but kept pushing the injections.

British Columbia’s Provincial Health Officer, Bonnie Henry was well aware of vaccine injuries. Here’s 42 pages of emails where Henry is being informed of adverse reactions but she kept pushing the injections.

Here the Fringe Majority reports her receiving warnings March 11, 2021 of increased anaphylaxis with AstraZeneca in BC. Later that same day Henry was on TV claiming that they were monitoring the situation closely and that there was no problem in BC.

It’s inverted that Dr Hoffe is persecuted by the CPSBC for reporting blood clots and testing d-dimers, but Henry remains in charge of the province’s “health care” instead of in a jail cell. Pray for justice.

Trudeau’s Public Safety Minister lied when claiming that police advised him to invoke the Emergency Measures Act.

In reality, law enforcement advisers told Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino that the Freedom Convoy protest that rocked Ottawa in January and February was peaceful.

Three important upcoming events

Canada’s Citizens' Hearing this week June 22 to 24

This Wednesday through Friday June 22nd – 24th the Canadian Covid Care Alliance, in partnership with CAERS, Fearless Canada, United Healthcare Workers of Ontario and the Frontier Centre For Public Policy among others, is sponsoring a cross-country streaming event, moderated by a diverse panel of experts, to:

  • Receive testimony illustrating the harms that have resulted from government policies implemented to cope with the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • Receive scientific, medical, and legal testimony as to alternative approaches that were ignored or even banned, which might have been pursued.
  • Generate recommendations to ensure that Canadians never again experience the degree of loss, trauma and disruption caused by the official response to COVID-19.

It is in Toronto. It starts at 9 a.m. It can be streamed live on the CCCA website (canadiancovidcarealliance.org). Updates will be found at:

Reminder of CPSO Toronto Protest

CPSO HQ, 80 College Street, Toronto

Reminder of this Friday June 24 very important protest of the CPSO in Toronto. Please bring as many truth and freedom loving friends as possible.

Similar Protests are happening at Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons across Canada. We will share the details in the days ahead.

Join us on the Fringe Majority report this Thursday

I will be joining Jody Ledgerwood and Cris Vleck on the Fringe Majority Report this Thursday June 23 at 9 PM EDT (Toronto time). Please join us here https://tfmcast.com/

The Fringe Majority is made up of the action oriented Jody Ledgerwood who is a champion when it comes to knowing your legal rights. Partnered with the deep research of Cris Vleck who works daily to expose government lies. The Fringe Majority broadcasts live Mondays and Thursdays 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern at TFMCast.com

My team and I are working hard on many fronts both visible and behind the scenes to help return truth , human rights, and freedom to Canada. I truly need and greatly appreciate your prayers, support, and donations.

-Dr Mark Trozzi