Speaking Naturally | The Greatest Health Challenges We Face

What we've learned during the last 2 years of C19, and how we move forward towards a better world.

On May 30th following the WCH (World Council for health) Better Way Conference in the UK, ANHI (Alliance for Health International) founder Dr Rob Verkerk PhD and ANHI executive coordinator Meleni Aldridge, hosted these conversations with South Africa’s Dr Naseeba Kathrada and myself, Dr Mark Trozzi. Also joining us 4 older players was my son, Rain Trozzi, who is the founder of a community of young activists called Over To The Youth.

There was no rehearsal, just a decision to cover three topics: perspectives on the greatest health challenges facing us, what we’ve learned during the last 2 years from C19, and how we move forward towards a better world.

About the Speakers

Dr Rob Verkerk

Dr Rob Verkerk PhD is the founder of Alliance for Natural Health International. ANH International are a great resource of honest intelligent health information. I highly recommend their work for anyone who wants to live longer and stronger. We have benefited from Dr Verkerk’s work repeatedly over the past 2 years (1,2,3,4,5).

Meleni Aldridge

Meleni Aldridge is an integrative medicine practitioner. She is the executive coordinator of ANH International, and a board member of Alliance for Natural Health USA. She is the often-invisible powerhouse behind much of the great ANHI research and advice that we have shared with you in the past.

Dr Naseeba Kathrada

This is my first chance to also introduce you to another big hero in the medical truth and freedom movement, Dr Naseeba Kathrada. Dr Kathrada and Dr Verkerk are co-chairs of the WCH Health and Humanities committee, on which I also serve. Dr Kathrada’s accomplishments are too many to list. She has orchestrated many of the covid truth symposiums around the world. She is a medical practitioner from South Africa; the founder of both the Home Management Covid Team, and a new SA real news platform VUKA SA.

Rain Trozzi

Rain Trozzi is a vital member of the Trozzi Team. He is also the founder of Over To The Youth, an international organization uniting young visionaries with each other, and building bridges to the mentors they need to succeed on their quests.

Thanks to Dr Verkerk and the team at ANHI for hosting these conversations, and their consistent deep research and great advice.  

Dr Mark Trozzi

Live longer and stronger. Here is a great new book from Dr Verkerk and Meleni Aldridge, with accurate and easy to practice nutrition knowledge: https://shop.anhinternational.org/collections/e-books