Bill C-11 | Imminent Threat to Canadian Freedom of Speech

This is a call to action. Protect our Internet freedom. Stop Bill C-11.

The WEF agents running the federal government have reintroduced last year’s disastrous broadcasting bill (then known as C-10), re-branded as Bill C-11, or the “Online Streaming Act.”

Bill C-11 gives the CRTC the power to pick which content gets moved to the top of the search menu and which content gets pushed down where it will never be discovered. This is the power to manipulate the information we find when we search on line. That makes it a powerful tool to brainwash, deceive and manipulate us.  

Here is Bill C-11 as presented by the federal government at its first reading in parliament Feb 2, 2022. Canadian defenders of our constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms describe Bill C-11 as “a significant and dangerous first step towards government control of the internet.”

Professor Michael Geist is a great resource to learn more about C-11.

Here Professor Geist explains the impacts of Canada's bill C11 as well as bill C18

Federal MP Rachel Thomas shares her warnings about Bill C-11 here:

Here is the petition MP Thomas mentioned.

MP Thomas asks questions about the financial details of C-11 to Pablo Rodriguez of the Trudeau regime:

Take Action against Bill C-11

If you’re concerned about this threat to our freedom of expression, and free access to information, then please sign the petition to kill C-11, and call on all our senators to stop Bill C-11. Here is a great resource from Canadian blogger Karen McKenna that makes it very easy to email all our senators now and in the future.

Thanks for studying this information, sharing with others, and taking action.

Dr Mark Trozzi