Pfizer’s Lame Defence for Fraud | Government Accomplices

Yes we lied, causing mass death and disease, but we had accomplices in the US government; so its okay. Not…

Whistleblower Brook Jackson exposed that Pfizer’s clinical trials were riddled with both error and fraud. Pfizer has motioned to dismiss the case claiming that it does not matter if they committed fraud, purgery, presented false certifications to the US government, and lied about safety and efficacy; because the government was in on it with them. That is true audacity!

To the contraire, this means that there are charges and arrests to be made both within Pfizer and the US government. Let’s pray for truth and justice to prevail. Here lawyer Robert Barnes explains (2 minutes):

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Pfizer insider and whistleblower Brook Jackson

Ventavia is the company that managed Pfizer’s “vaccine” trial sites. Here Pfizer insider and whistleblower Brook Jackson, discusses Ventavia and Pfizer’s fraud, the abuse she received for taking a stand, and her law suit against Pfizer: