Help C-19 “vaccine” injured people | Important details

Acknowledging, supporting and treating. Ongoing research to help injection victim recovery

Despite two years of intense commitment to research, public education, and activism, many beloved women, men, and even children have been coerced and injected with dangerous genetic cocktails. Also, despite the plethora of evidence of the death and harms following these injections, many governments and institutions continue on the Big Pharma, Gates and Fauci gravy train. They use carrot, stick, and a disregard for human rights, to both force the injections and persecute ethical scientists, doctors, journalists and activists. In many places like Canada, people are denied access to covid treatment from ethical physicians because these doctors have been stripped of their positions by the criminal covid enterprise.

Many people have been injected. Many have died. Many are injured. We anticipate much more injury to follow as the long term toxic effects are numerous and profound (One, Two).

Here is the exceptional June 6, 2022 WCH General Assembly meeting focused on helping  people who are suffering the ill effects of covid-19 injections. Please share this far and wide with physicians and injured people. We must end the denial, and deal with this massive growing health crisis. It is far greater than covid ever was.

Speakers and time stamps

James Wells

James Wells, is the former Member of European Parliament for Whales. He shares the stories of injection injured people; their denial and neglect. He and the UK CV Family have produced the “Letter to my MP” documentary and support Sir Christopher Chope MP’s Vaccine Damages Bill going through UK Parliament. They seek to end the denial, and support the many injured people. James begins at 11:55.

James Wells

Dr Richard Urso is one of the top global leaders on the treatment of Covid-19. The covid crisis has shifted from diminishing simple covid-19 disease, to the more severe impacts of the criminally coerced injections. Dr Urso and his team are now at the front line of treating the covid “vaccine” injured. Dr Urso begins at 46:10.

Dr Pierre Kory

Dr Pierre Kory, is also a top global leader in the treatment of covid-19, and finds his team’s attention now focused on treating the many victims of the injection campaigns. Dr Kory is joined by his co-founder of the FLCCC Alliance, Dr Paul Marik. They share evolving methods being used to assist covid “vaccine” injured people. Current FLCCC advise for treating the injured is found here. Dr Kory begins at 1:09:20.

Please, spread the word

Dr Mark Trozzi

Please share this material with doctors, health care workers, and injured persons. We must end the denial, recognize the challenges, and come to the aid of the massive and growing wave of covid 19 injection injured men, women, boys, and girls.

At the World Council for Health, we continue our current focus on helping people who have been injured by the covid-19 “vaccines”. Tomorrow’s June 13, 2022 General Assembly dives further into this subject. You are warmly invited to join at 2PM DST (Toronto).

Please access and share the many resources that the ethical experts at the World Council for Health continue to create to truly serve mankind and our quest for health and happiness.

Both the WCH and the Trozzi Team greatly appreciate your actions, prayers and support

Thanks and Blessings,