How the Covid “Vaccines” Cripple the Immune System | Part 5

Postive HIV AIDS tests, "vaccine" induced acquired immunity deficiency syndrome and extreme vulnerability to cancer


In this 5th and final part of the series, Dr. Trozzi explains how the covid “vaccines” cause positive HIV AIDS results in some people, but more alarmingly cause profound immune system damage. This is generating a tsunami of infectious disease, and leaves the victim much more susceptible to cancer and death.

Special thanks to Iron Will and Strong and Free Canada for making this series possible. Please visit their website for more great independent journalism, and subscribe to their rumble channel.


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  1. Dr Trozzi, thanks very much for video, I learned a great deal, as the learning process was made easier using the video graphics. I have a question though. You say (in a couple of these segments), that the innate immune system can identify non-human stuff, but do you mean non-human stuff *or* non-self? If it matters and the immune system identifies non-self, does it then further scrutinize and differentiate between non-human (ie particles lets say of graphene, metals or something foreign that isn’t human material) versus non-self, which might be human but not self DNA/recognized material? i was just curious. if there is differentiation, what happens to foreign non-self material that isn’t human-how does body irradicate it if it cannot be broken down? (in the case there was something foreign in there that didn’t even belong in a medication…like that would ever happen, right!!) many thanks.

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