Ontario Paying Doctors to Push the Injections and Track the “Un-vaxxed”

The ineffectiveness and severe harms of these injections was established long ago. This is government gone rogue, and MD's having to choose between God and money.

Despite clear evidence that these injections do not stop covid infections nor transmission; and that they cause many harms including death (See references: one and two), the Ontario Ministry of Health remains committed to Big Pharma and the WEF. This is criminal. Check out their latest instructions to Ontario doctors to push the injections, track and coerce the un-injected, and get payed well to do it. Please help urge physicians to be diligent and courageous (One and two);  reject the current leadership and criminality in institutions. Physicians, the colleges are exercising authority that they do not rightfully have over you, to coerce your participation in their crimes. It is our time to be courageous and truthful.  

Thanks Tamara Ugolini and Rebel News.