Global News Whistleblower Anita Krishna interviews Dr Trozzi

The covid truth and justice movement is growing fast! We're taking back our world, and pursuing justice for the covid crimes against humanity.

I am very pleased to have met and had this great conversation with Anita Krishna. She is the former Global News director who rejected their lying and propaganda. She has embraced the truth, accepted the consequences, is devoted to real honest journalism, and helping to achieve justice while returning the rule of law and human rights to our society.

Here two whistleblowers Anita Krishna and myself, have a lively, fun, but intense conversation that I think you’ll enjoy.

About this interview, Anita Krishna wrote:

“Here is part of a conversation I had with Dr. Mark Trozzi, MD, ER Physician, about the W.H.O and their efforts to gain panultimate control on sovereign nations. No thanks, we don’t want them telling us what to do…as recent history is showing us, they do not have our best interest in mind. We can do something about this, please check out the link on Dr. Trozzi’s website. With a couple of clicks, we can send a message directly to the WHA and WHO, and say “no”. Put your message on record.”

Anita stood up for the truth, was fired from Trudeau’s Global News propagandists, and is now working hard to stop the covid crimes against humanity. She’s doing real journalism, which is one of the essential foundations of a functioning free and fair democracy.

Her Rumble channel is well worth subscribing to:

Global News feeds on your stolen tax dollars from Trudeau. Anita Krishna relies on our help. She has children to feed and hopes to keep her home while fighting for our future. We can help support her work via Paypal, Etransfer to, or GiveSendGo.