Stay on Target (WHO) and Have Some Laughs

The Target is the WHO. But Iron Will has some laughs and insights for us too

I strongly recommend that we stay on target; the target is the WHO. Let’s please all demand that our elected government representatives stand very strong against the WHO, block the IHR amendment, reject the Pandemic Preparedness Treaty; exit, defund, investigate, and prosecute the WHO. Let’s remind our public servants that we are watching, and that they are playing with our lives and those of our children. Please see Yesterday’s post for current details about stopping the WHO. We will bring you more resources in the days ahead, but lets use maximal creativity with what we have today to help castrate and terminate the World Health Organization.

Let’s also empower ourselves, and lift our spirits with some witty humour and insights.  Check out the latest instalment of “That Friday Show” from Strong and Free Canada. The new show has found its stride!