Stopping the WHO, and building a better future

Dr Tess Lawrie and Dr Mark Trozzi on Bright Light News

Dr. Robert W. Malone, virologist [from German Wikipedia, version in ...
Dr Robert Malone

Dr Robert Malone recently described Dr Tess Lawrie as “a COVID hero with a powerful vision”. He elaborated “What strikes me most about Tess is her unfailing positivity in the face of darkness. She’s in the trenches with the rest of us, bloodied and bruised, but she’s also one of those smiling and pointing to the dawn. We need people like Tess to remind us that we’re not just fighters, we’re architects of the future.”

I am very honored to work beside Dr Lawrie on the steering committee of the World Council for Health, the not-for-profit organization providing strong global coordination to return ethical science and human rights to our societies.

Like Dr Lawrie, this Bright Light News interview balances: a hard realistic examination of the  WHO’s enormous and growing threats to us all; with better plans and visions for our future.

How to take action:

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What we are up against

Regarding the WHO we have more news and action coming in the days ahead. In addition to their Pandemic Preparedness Treaty (For more information see: One, two, three, four) which we have already been working with you to stop, the WHO have quietly been advancing another faster tracked path to a permanent global dictatorship. This is the International Health Regulations amendments, which is being voted upon in Geneva in 12 days (May 22-26) by just one or two people “representing” each of 194 countries. The IHR amendments purport to end national sovereignty and give permanent dictatorial powers to the WHO under the corrupt rule of its general director Dr Tedros. We are working on the WHO’s newly exposed IHR amendment plan which is an assault on our freedom. Please anticipate more info and action plans coming in the days ahead.

What to do

Today, I encourage all people around the world to immediately communicate with your federal government representatives. Canadians can find our MP’s here. Our message is clear. The WHO is not to be trusted. We call to immediately exit, defund, and investigate the WHO.

Return of Parliament dominated by debates of yesteryearInstruct our public servants to rigorously oppose the WHO’s Pandemic Preparedness Treaty, as well as their back door approach to power in the form of the eminently pending IHR amendments. Any informed and ethical politician must be standing strongly against the WHO.

People everywhere, please passionately demand defunding, exiting, investigation and prosecution of the WHO. Our lives depend on this.

May I sincerely propose that we let these politicians know we are watching, and that any act that supports the WHO, their so-called “treaty”, or the IHR amendments, is an act of violent aggression against ourselves, our families, children, and descendants. Enough is enough, let’s get off our knees and terminate the WHO.