Severe Hepatitis in children! What’s going on?

Spiked Breast Milk from Genetically Modified Mothers, and More.

I have always been an advocate of breast feeding, but this woman has been misled and is  making a big mistake:

Pfizer's own documents say otherwise

Might you recall the 329,000 pages of documents that the FDA had from Pfizer? They took only 108 days to review the documents and approve Pfizer’s so-called covid “vaccine”; but the FDA wanted 55 years to produce them in response to a FOIA request by Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency, to make these documents available for us all to see. Thanks to the PHMPT’s persistence, and a court order we, are getting the documents in batches sooner.  

Note the Gynecologist in the tragic video above who stated that “it’s a great idea” for injected women to breast feed? Here is one page from the most recent batch of Pfizer documents from the FDA:

A bizarre medical oddity

It is a strange era. Dangerous injections that do not prevent covid, are being forced upon the people of the world, even our children; for a mostly non-fatal disease that is safe, easy, and cheap to treat or prevent, and that presents zero statistical risk of severe disease or death to children.  

A midst this, we have another bizarre medical oddity. It is most unusual that severe liver disease in children is being reported around the world. Previously healthy children are literally requiring liver transplants.

If this isn’t ringing pathophysiologic alarms, then you might want to take a very covid enlightening, foundation science journey here, sooner or later.

Sucharit Bhakdi MD | Chelsea Green Publishing
Dr Sucharat Bhakdi

The covid injections have as Dr Sucharat Bhakdi said “a million pathways to kill you”. One of the central mechanism behind many of these toxic “pathways”, is spike protein poisoning. Spike protein poisoning involves ACE2 receptors on the cells that are poisoned. It is to these ACE2 receptors that spike proteins attach, then poison cells.

ACE2 receptors for SARS-CoV-2 in human eye - Sound Health and Lasting ...
ACE2 Receptors (Blue) Coronavirus (Red)

Covid infections present approximately zero serious danger to healthy natural children. One reason is that children have very few ACE2 receptors in the lining of their nose and upper airways, so coronaviruses find it very hard to grab on and infect them. The virus generally does not gain entry into their blood or travel to their internal organs. However, when a child is injected with this genetic goop called covid “vaccines”, their own cells manufacture the poison, flood their bloodstream with it, and it flows everywhere within them. Organs and tissues that have lots of ACE2 receptors on their cells, are targeted by the poisonous spike proteins.      

Though children’s nostrils have very few ACE2 receptors, they do have other organs that are especially rich with ACE2 receptors at their tender age.

ACE2 Receptors present in liver; with higher levels in children

May I recap or clarify that following these injections, a person’s own cells throughout their body respond to the synthetic genetic injection by themselves becoming producers of a hyper-persistent and toxic patented version of the coronavirus spike protein. Much of the initial deaths and harms following these injections are due to this toxic patented spike protein.

Benefits of Breastfeeding for Babies and Mothers - Mothers and MoreThe spike protein produced within an injection victim is internally toxic to them, triggers dysfunctional antibodies that enhance future coronavirus infections (ADE), and is also shed from their body’s surface, and in their bodily fluids including breast milk.

A covid “vaccine” injected mother’s breast milk contains toxic spike proteins. This lab engineered version of coronavirus spike protein has enhanced durability and toxicity.

Why might young children specifically be the ones developing severe liver disease? Let’s return to ACE2 receptors. ACE2 receptors are the dominant cell receptor to which spike proteins attach. It is ACE2 receptor rich tissues that are selectively poisoned by spike protein.

Consider how teenage and young adult males have heart tissue which is particularly rich in ACE2 receptors, this explains the massive rise in myocarditis (inflamed hearts) in this age group. 2019 and 2020 US VAERS data showed 1 report each year of myocarditis following all vaccines combined. With the introduction of the covid “vaccines” in 2021 VAERS reported 559 cases of myocarditis!


If you have been following my work or researching this for some time,  this is all unfolding as sadly predicted since early in our call to stop these forced injections. The science of how these forced injections poison the human body by various mechanism is explained in both article and video format here: Covid “Vaccines”; How Dangerous Are They? Please share that material far and wide. Like all our site’s material, it is now available in 23 languages. Spike protein poisoning is among the important pathways of these injections’ toxicity that is explained .  

Let’s please return to the current global wave of children with severely inflamed and failing livers, and discuss the almost certain causative role played by the criminally administered genetic covid injections.

Consider the following quotes from an article regarding liver and gastrointestinal manifestations of covid-19 infection published in the peer reviewed journal Clinics and Research in Hepatology and Gastroenterology in October 2021. Please keep in mind that coronaviruses use their spike proteins to adhere to ACE2 receptors; so the role of ACE2 receptors in coronavirus infection or injection induced spike protein poisoning is similar. Organs and tissues richer in ACE2 receptors are more vulnerable to both.

Gastrointestinal, hepatic and pancreatic manifestations of COVID-19 in children by Francesco Pegoraro, Sandra Trapani, and Giuseppe Indolfib from Clin Res Hepatol Gastroenterol. 2022 Apr; 46(4): 101818.

“In this article, the latest evidence on gastrointestinal, hepato-biliary, and pancreatic manifestations in children with coronavirus disease-19 and multisystem inflammatory syndrome will be analysed.”

“The impact of age on liver disease susceptibility in COVID-19 is questioned. Early reports indicated that children with abnormal transaminases were younger, a finding possibly explained by the immaturity of the liver in infants as well as by the increased expression of ACE2 receptors”

When we read in the various reports at the top, that the WHO, Canadian Public Health, the CDC, or other such institutions are going to investigate the pediatric hepatitis crisis; I strongly caution against trusting them with this role. Throughout the covid war these institutions have completely failed the public, served big pharma, and been instrumental in covering up “vaccine” harms. From them, I expect only more lies and cover ups.

What do we know about all these poor kids and small children with severe liver disease?

“The recent and sudden rise of liver damage and hepatitis in children seems to be affecting those between the ages of 1mo – 4 years of age.

What they arent telling the public is that the majority of the cases are those under 4 years of age who are breastfed and who have been actively breastfed (within the last 12 months). The children are unvaccinated, but the breastfeeding mothers (in 100% of the cases) have been vaccinated with at least 2 doses.

The incidences of hepatitis is also hitting the 11 – 16 year old age group, with the majority of the cases in that group having been vaccinated with at least one dose. ”



It is my strong opinion that Covid “vaccinated” women are secreting toxic spike protein in their breast milk which is poisoning their young children’s livers, as well as other organs and tissues.

Older children with hepatitis following covid “vaccine”, produce spike proteins within themselves. This and other pathologic effects of these injections likely underlay the rash of liver disease in older children also.

Might it be even worse than this?

Yes, a recent study shows children of “vaccinated” parents, developing increased levels of anti spike protein antibodies in their nostrils. Some of my colleagues are proposing that this demonstrates “contagious vaccines”, something that has been under research and development for years by the same psychopathic industry that brought us all things covid-19. I hope my colleagues reasonable proposal is not true and that the antibody production in the uninjected children, is their adaptive immune system responding to spike protein shed by their parents. Though this is still not good, it is preferable to directly contagious genetic modification. I will keep you posted on that subject.

Final Advice.

Reject the forced injections. They are not safe and are not effective.

Especially protect the children. Do not believe gynecologists or other doctors like Dr Atkins who recommend these injections to pregnant and breast feeding women (or anyone for that matter).

If a women has already made the mistake of taking one of these injections, recommend she take no more, and understand that she is in an unusual situation where her breast milk might damage or kill her child.

As far as covid-19 infection is concerned. It represents zero statistical risk of serious disease to children, and they need to live naturally and develop healthy immune systems.

For more vulnerable demographics, we have cheap, safe, effective treatments and prevention for covid.

Many people are damaged and suffering after these criminally administered injections. Please share these resources with them: (See: One and Two)