New Abnormal: Genetically Modified Humans | Dr Rob Verkerk

Dr Rob Verkerk, PhD with Iron Will: "Vaccines", graphene, 5G, transhumanism, the marburg virus, WHO, WEF, their plans, our solutions.

Man vs Machine - Who's Winning The Battle? | Bit RebelsThanks to Iron WIll of Strong and Free Canada for this interview with Dr Rob Verkerk PhD. It is packed with important knowledge and understanding that are key to our survival and future.

While facing the WHO’s current Pandemic Treaty power grab, Dr Verkerk and Iron Will expose: the extreme deception and malfeasance of the WHO, WEF and their cohorts; how we are being manipulated and abused ; how the injections are genetically modifying people; graphene in the so-called “vaccines” and its role in further tracking and controlling of humans; how 5G and cell phones fit into the control grid; the transhuman agenda; and other weapons the covid-criminals have in waiting to use against us including “enhanced” Marburg viruses.

While the covid-criminals continue working to lead mankind to destruction, Dr Verkerk also shares real solutions and plans for our health as individuals, societies, and a global ecosystem.

About Dr Rob Verkerk

Dr Rob Verkerk, PHD

Dr Rob Verkerk PhD is the founder of The Alliance for Natural Health International. He is an astute scientist who specializes in sustainable systems. He has consistently been a covid truth leader. We have benefited from and referred to his work often (12345).

Dr Verkerk co-chairs the Health and Humanities Committee of the World Council for Health on which I also serve. He has earned my deepest respect both ethically and intellectually.

In this most recent article, Dr Verkerk explains the grave danger that the WHO poses to us all; how the covid “pandemic” has largely been a project of their creation for profit and power; and how they are currently plotting to grab more power and continue to advance their human rights crushing agenda. It is informative, urgent, and a call to action.