Much Needed Knowledge, Wisdom & Guidance with Brian Peckford

Honorable Brian Peckford talks law with Bright Light News

“Our country has lost its way, we’ve lost our moral compass, and we are no longer a democratic society. Hopefully we can recover it, but it is going to be a hard, hard fight, to recover what we have lost.”Brian Peckford, coauthor of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Description by Dr Trozzi

Canada has become a lawless country. The mighty and revered Charter of Rights and Freedoms is being desecrated by Crime Minister Trudeau and his many accomplices.

We are grateful to Bright Light News for this exceptional recent interview with Canada’s iconic champion of human rights and rule of law: the honorable Brian Peckford. Peckford was the premier of the province of Newfoundland from 1979 to 1989. He is the sole surviving author of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which he and his coauthors placed in the Canadian Constitution package, signed into law in 1982.

Now at 79 years of age, Peckford has abandoned his well deserved peaceful retirement, to fight harder than ever for the rights and freedoms, enshrined in our constitution, but ignored and violated by the Trudeau dictatorship.

Premiere Peckford has deep knowledge of history, science, law, and politics. This is a chance to draw on the wisdom and knowledge of one of our greatest elders and leaders. Like Peckford, we  all need to leave our comfort zone, and help rescue our country, ourselves, and future generations; before it is too late.  

Thanks to the team at Bright Light News for continuing to produce high quality honest investigative journalism. While CBC and the rest of the MSM liars are fed money that is stolen from taxpayers by the oppressors, Bright Light News works on a lean budget of our voluntary donations which can be made here or by etransfer to