WHO Schemes & how to STOP THEM | The Dr Rima Laibow Show

Dr Kat Lindley, Dr Mark Trozzi, Michael Alexander, Ralph Fucetola JD and Dr Rima Laibow fun, insightful, no holds barred conversation exposes the WHO.

On March 29th 2022, Dr Rima Laibow MD and Ralph Fucetola JD, hosted three WCH leaders Dr Kat Linley, Dr Mark Trozzi, and Michael Alexander on the Dr Rima Laibow Show to discuss the crimes and scheming of the World Health Organization. Here is the fun, insightful, no holds barred conversation that exposes the WHO and the WEF. The WHO and their accomplices are advancing plans for a dystopian global dictatorship that would make human rights and freedom  things of the past. Help stop the WHO and the WEF.

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