Urgent Call to Action. Help stop the WHO’s next Plandemic

Circumvent the WHO from using fake public input to help justify their next big power grab

The WHO continues their plot to consolidate even more human rights crushing power, and dominion over your life (and death), with their ” Pandemic Preparedness Treaty/Agreement”. (see: one, two, three, four)

In classic globalist style, the WHO are creating a veneer of public participation, so they can say we asked for it, when soon, they stick it to us at a whole new level.

The WHO have a web page where “stakeholders” can apply for a whole 2 minutes to speak on the matter, and the deadline to apply for those two minutes is tomorrow Monday April 11, 2022. at noon CEST, which is 4 A.M. EDT Toronto time. Here you are applying to have a two minute spot to speak to the question: “What substantive elements do you think should be included in a new international instrument on pandemic preparedness and response?”

The WHO also have a spot where, in theory, any of us can “submit” a maximum of 250 written words, to express our thoughts on their: “Pandemic Preparedness Treaty/Agreement.”

If you have been keeping up with revelations about the WHO and the WEF, then you know they are not to be trusted, and are not interested in protecting your health. .

How can we circumvent the WHO from using fake public input to help justify their next big power and cash grab?  

Here is our immediate short term plan and recommendation. Please apply for one or both (speaking and writing) on the WHO website. Save a copy of your written submission. If you apply to speak, please make a simple video or audio recording of what you want to say.  

Soon we will share with you, another site to go to and upload what you write and/or what you say. There we will have a real record of public input, that we can all share and observe. We will empower genuine unfiltered public opinion about the WHO and their plans.

In my opinion, for starters, we should kick the WHO out of our nations and not give them another cent of our hard earned money. I want to hear and read your opinions also. This real public record will stop the WHO from simply picking, choosing and burying our “submissions” from their site.

Please take action 1, 2 , or both; then stand by for more details in the week ahead.

Action 1:    

Apply to speak here https://inb.who.int/ (scroll down page). The deadline is tomorrow, Monday April 11th by noon CEST which is 4 a.m. EDT Toronto time (so today is the day for this one friends).  

Action 2:

Make a written submission of up to 250 words on the WHO site here  https://inb.who.int/home/written-submissions – the deadline is this Wednesday April 13th 5 PM CEST which is 11 AM EDT Toronto time.  

Please remember to save you written submissions and/or a recorded message. We will ensure your words and voice are not buried by the WHO. You can anticipate receiving instructions within the next week or two, to include your voice in the People’s Public Record.

Thanks for participating, and sharing this action plan. Please act now.

We the people are the legitimate authority over our lives and world.