Dr Katrina Lindley Protecting & testifying for the Children


Dr Katrina LIndley MD escaped communist Yugoslavia as a young adult. Her real life experience living under a communist dictatorship rendered her wise to state propaganda and public deception. She is a board-certified physician in Texas and the mother of five children. Dr Lindley is on the steering committee of the World Council of Health, and is deeply committed to our current struggles for truth, freedom, and human rights. She testified┬áregarding children and covid on March 23rd, 2022 in a USA cross-party inquiry into the US governments response to Covid-19. Dr Lindley exposed: lockdown harms including drops in IQ’s and dramatic increases in suicides; mask harms including speech deficits and social mal-development; the low risk and mild disease of covid in children combined with the great immunity that they naturally develop; and the madness of covid ‘vaccines’ especially for children with adverse effects including 1 in 2680 young males developing inflamed hearts (myocarditis which is always serious), and the sterility anticipated due to the accumulation of the injections in ovaries and testicles.

You can follow Dr Lindley on her web site https://www.katlindleydo.com/