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An opportunity for young people from around the world to come together and help make their world a better place.

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Over to the Youth is an international group for the collaboration of people aged 16 to 30. It is a platform for young visionaries striving to make the world a better place. Over to the Youth provides connections between youth and teachers who can help them succeed in their quests.

From Over To The Youth web site:

“If you are between the age of 16 and 30, you can apply to join our youth team. As a member of Over to the Youth, you will have opportunities to work with other people that share a common goal, and make friends with kindred spirits from around the world. You, and or your team, will have opportunities to publish videos and articles on overtotheyouth.com. You will also be encouraged to start new initiatives when necessary or beneficial to your mission, and OTTY will support such endeavors if approved by the council.”

Pablo Lawrie

Please refer young people striving for a better world to check out and possibly join Over To The Youth.

Here is a new article from Over To The Youth, written by Pablo Lawrie. Pablo is a University student in the UK, and is the son of the world famous medical scientist and founder of the World Council for Health Dr Tess Lawrie. The article is titled: Early Treatment and Prevention of Covid-19.

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