Meet Canadian Whistleblower Dr Christopher Shoemaker MD

Here is Dr Peter Breggin's recent interview with Canadian physician and truth teller Dr Christopher Shoemaker

A soft-spoken dedicated Canadian physician presents data that should stop the COVID “vaccination” of children worldwide. In this interview with Dr. Breggin, Christopher Shoemaker MD begins by describing the unprecedented and disastrous prohibitions on giving proper medications to COVID patients. In second half, he presents a stunning array of data indicating that it actually helps children and society for children to catch COVID, while COVID “vaccines” are deadly, enormously raising the death rates in children, youth, and young adults. Blockbuster conclusions are presented with the calm of an experienced and knowledgeable physician. If you watch this interview, you know with certainty that these vaccines are useless for children and young adults while tragically killing significant percentages of them.

Dr Peter Breggin who conducted this interview with Dr Christopher Shoemaker, is the author of “COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We are the Prey