Exit the WHO now | 3 WCH experts discuss with Wayne Peters

Three leaders from the World Council For Health’s Legal Action Committee with Wayne Peters of Whats Up Canada

World Council For Health leaders speak out against the WHO’s deception and abuse of humanity. All nations, and all peoples should insist on exiting and de-funding the WHO.

Stopping the W.H.O. Power Grab "Pandemic Preparedness Treaty/Agreement"

Interview with What's Up Canada?

Who are the speakers?

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Shabnam Palesa Mohamed

Lawyer, journalist, and human rights advocate. She is a Steering Committee member of the WCH, and co-chair of the WCH Legal Action Committee. Access Shabnam’s exceptional library of research and journalism at Trial Site News.

Michael Alexander, Lawyer in Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Michael Alexander

Canadian constitutional lawyer with the Justice Center For Constitutional Freedom committed to defending the rule of law and human rights against the covid crimes in Canada and internationally. He is also co-chair of the WCH Legal Action Committee.

Dr Mark Trozzi, le seul médecin honnête et courageux en ...


Mark Trozzi

A veteran Canadian emergency doctor, and committed covid truth and human rights activist. He is a Steering Committee member of the WCH, and also sits on the WCH Legal Action Committee, and the WCH Health & Humanities Committee.

Exit the WHO

Alexander, Mohamed and Trozzi represent the World Council For Health and joined Wayne Peters on What’s Up Canada, to put the crimes of the WHO on the table, and lead the way for a mass exodus by all peoples and all nations from the WHO. The need for this is intensified by the WHO’s current power grab in the form of their “Pandemic Preparedness Treaty/Agreement” that must be stopped.

Please join us. Together we will free ourselves, our world, and future generations from the abusive dictatorship and dark plans of the WHO.