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Dr Vandana Shiva - The Plan of The 1% to Make You DISPOSABLE through Divide & Rule

Dr Vandana Shiva

I was blessed to have a conversation with Joseph Roberts of Common Ground. Joseph is well read, and well spoken. Pondering forced nanotechnology and gene modifying injections, and other perversions of life. Joseph quoted Dr Vandana Shiva when he said, “We are the resurgence of the real”.

This struck me to be quite profound, and for the first time I looked into Dr Vandana Shiva, and began exploring her work. She has a PhD in Quantum Physics, lives in her native country of India, and is a global leader in environmental health. For more about Dr Vandana click here.

I want to share a ten minute presentation from Dr Shiva. Her cultural influence, deep knowledge of quantum physics, and profound respect for nature, bring her message beyond knowledge, into wisdom.

Dr Shiva shares insights on the true interconnected nature of our existence; the modern perversions of big tech; Bill Gate’s evil hand in agriculture, and corporate deregulation of money which has exacerbated economic injustice like never before.

Mahatma Gandhi

Most interestingly Dr Shiva draws on the last two centuries’ history of India, highlighting the British colony’s policy of “Divide and Rule”, which like contemporary identity politics is used to divide us, so we can easily be ruled and manipulated. Dr Shiva’s wisdom brings us to the same solution now as Mahatma Gandhi reached in the 1940’s: “the duty to refuse to cooperate with unjust laws.”

We are connected. Do not be fooled and divided over religion, race, “vaccine” status, political party, or any other distraction from our oneness and the love between us. Enjoy!

Dr Vandana Shiva

Dr Vandana Shiva, a world-renowned environmental thinker, activist, feminist, philosopher of science, writer and science policy advocat, is the founder of Navdanya Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology (India) and President of Navdanya International. Trained as a Physicist at the University of Punjab, she completed her Ph.D. on the ‘Hidden Variables and Non-locality in Quantum Theory’ from the University of Western Ontario, Canada. She later shifted to inter-disciplinary research in science, technology and environmental policy, which she carried out at the Indian Institute of Science and the Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore, India. In 1982 she founded the Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology (RFSTE), an independent research institute that addresses the most significant problems of ecology of our times, and two years later, Navdanya (‘nine seeds’) the movement in defense of biodiversity and small farmers. In 2011 she founded Navdanya International in Italy and is Chairman of the International Commission on the Future of Food and Agriculture, co-founded with the then President of the Region of Tuscany.  Recipient of many awards, including in 1993 the Right Livelihood Award, also known as the ‘Alternative Nobel Prize’, and named among the top five “Most Important People in Asia” by AsiaWeek in 2001. Shes is a prolific writer and author of numerous books and serves on the board of the International Forum on Globalization, and member of the executive committee of the World Future Council.