Action required

"The work is great but the workers are few."

Online Covid-19 Workplace Preparedness | PretoriaMany people know that the covid agenda is evil. They are trying not to take the shot, make the best of their current situation, and are a little relieved when the authoritarian boot standing on their human rights lightens up a little.  

When some “covid restrictions” are loosened, they get out and enjoy a little taste of life BC (before covid). They might even get to walk down a street without a muzzle on their face, or go into a store without proving that they have submitted to unsafe and ineffective experimental genetic injections.More states lift mask mandates and Covid restrictions

Their critical thinking is intact. These people know that Fauci, Gates, Tedros, Schwab, Trudeau, Freeland, Tam, and others are wicked. They know that these villains are deeply committed to premeditated and orchestrated, poisoning and enslaving of us all. We’ve been living like slaves for two years already over a fake pandemic , false statistics, and misleading PCR tests, culminating in deadly forced injections. All of this was imposed by the cursed WHO.

These smart folks also know that there are some really good people, who sacrifice and risk everything personal, to tell the truth and stop this tyranny. They stand against enemy occupied governments and institutions. They fight with everything they have for the restoration of our human rights, including our right to life.  

The smart people who are trying not to take the shot, admire and are grateful for the valiant truth tellers and activist. They hope and pray that their champions will win; but therein lies the problem.

“The work is great but the workers are few.”

Across the board, we need more people to become very active in this battle for our lives.

Everyone, whether you realize it or not, has everything on the line in this war. If the criminal covid enterprise completes their agenda, we enter a very dark age. The covid criminals’ plans involve most of us dying and the rest being modified, micro-chipped and enslaved. This is why the most aware scientists, doctors , lawyers, journalists, activists, and others, are fighting with such fervor. We know that everything is on the line. None of us can keep anything including our basic human rights, if we do not turn this around.

A small percentage of the people who understand the evil agenda are fighting like our lives depend on it (which they do), but this is not enough. Everyone’s life depends on this. Every future life depends on this.

What to do? Where to start? What’s the current action?

Trump says World Health Organization 'really blew it' on ...Stop the World Health Organization!

The World Health Organization, under the rule of the Evil Dr Tedros has become a weapon being used against us. The WHO is currently very active conjuring more power over your life and our nations. Here are Dr Rob Verkerk insights on the WHO’s “Pandemic Preparedness Treaty” – a plan to end every human’s authority over their own body. How do we stop the WHO? The first big step is to exit the WHO.

At every level, in communication with every authority, with every politician, and at the heart of every election and debate: we must insist on exiting the WHO. That includes stopping all funding to this criminal organization, and eliminating the WHO from our countries.

WHO director Tedros and others are extreme criminals. Justice should see them arrested or lawfully shot. The first and cleanest move to stop them is us rising up in all nations and insisting that our country exercise our sovereignty, and exit the WHO. The WHO scoundrels will produce  paperwork claiming that we can not; claiming broad authority over our lives and our countries; but we must tell them that they can shove any treaties or contracts which they think give them authority over our nations and our lives. We declare our sovereignty. We reject their claims of authority.

Action: Promote this document

Here is the key brief document to study and promote. This document and the links within it provide a robust understanding of the current moves that the WHO is making to complete their choke hold on mankind: their so-called “Pandemic Preparedness Treaty or Agreement”. Please share this document far and wide. Write your members of federal, and provincial or state governments to enlighten them about the wicked WHO. Demand an urgent exit and complete defunding of the WHO.

This document is part of our urgent first steps to save ourselves, and stop the WHO.

Do you want to learn more?

Here are Dr Rob Verkerk insights on the WHO’s “Pandemic Preparedness Treaty” which is a plan to end every human’s authority over our own bodies and lives, in the name of “health”.

Who is WHO director Tedros?

What is his past? He’s not even a medical doctor. How did he become the director of the WHO?