South African President Ramaphosa bows to the covid agenda

So called "president" bows to the covid agenda for processing and enslaving humanity.

On Tuesday, the people of South Africa were on the edge of their seats awaiting president Cyril Ramaphosa’s address to the nation regarding “covid-19 developments”.

There are many great scientific, legal, and human rights activists in South Africa. I know and work with many of them. They have put the truth about covid before the people, the courts, and the politicians. So, on Tuesday I joined my SA freedom fighting friends in optimistic anticipation of the president’s speech.

As he was about to start, I day dreamed that Ramaphosa would just lay out some simple covid truths like: there never was a real pandemic; the PCR is a fraud; Gates, Tedros, and Fauci are murderous psychopaths; the injections are not real “vaccines”; the injections are not safe or effective. In my day dream, Ramaphosa would also announce: an immediate halt to all such injections; the government’s commitment to providing cheap, safe, affordable covid treatment  to anyone wanting or needing it; that all covid mandates were unlawful, unjustified, and are  canceled immediately; and that South Africa is joining an international coalition to detain and prosecute a long list of covid criminals including Gates, Tedros, Fauci, and others. Also in my happy dream, Ramaphosa would announce that the WHO is being completely defunded and sued along with big pharma. Lastly he would negate the “indemnity from liability” defense of the perpetrators, because there is no indemnity for criminal acts. Lastly, in my day dream, Ramaphosa would commit to research and treatment for the victims of the injections, and  disarming all 5G towers just to be safe.

Sadly, when Ramaphosa began reading the teleprompter, he announced that South Africa is  “entering the third year of the pandemic”. He claimed South Africa had 3.7 million “cases” and nearly 100 thousand “recorded covid-19 deaths”. His speech lacked any honesty, real science, or  credible leadership. It was simply the next play in the long abusive game of Simple Simon Says. Sadly, the South African president is a globalist puppet and should receive only the rewards given for treason, and bad acting.

If you want to hear this South African version of the WEF/WHO script, here’s the video. We can anticipate their minions delivering this same message around the world. The only truth in it, is that it really is the current propaganda of the criminal covid enterprise.

Intelligent comments by South Africans

Though the content of Ramaphosa’s speech was not worth enough toilet paper to write it on, the South African people made many concise intelligent comments.

Bournville Bill:   ” This man should get an Oscar award for his heart felt empathetic speech . Not for being convincing at all but for being able to speak so long without breaking character and for keeping a straight face knowing that his speech is just one big load of kak. “

Wayne Pillay:  “We need information on more pressing issues. Power cuts, water shortages,  what are u doing to curb the rate of crime which has escalated, more importantly, the inflation rates.”

Celia Coles:  “That would potentially give the Health department enormous power to control the population including keeping restrictions in place indefinitely.The Disaster Management Act had a limit.”

Harold Nkgudi: “Truth be told – the world should learn from Africa. With the lowest vaccines intake & less death, there is no doubt natural immunity is the best option, and somewhere the president conceded in his speech. Case closed.”