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The So-called "vaccine" has "no benefit whatsoever... but has the capacity over a million pathways to kill you... This looks premeditated"

This looks premeditated

In a concise new video, Dr Bhakti explains that the so-called “vaccines” are “agents that have no benefit whatsoever… but have the capacity over a million pathways to kill you… This looks premeditated.”

Dr Sucharit Bhakti is Live at WCH General Assembly

You are invited to join Dr Bhakti live today, March 14th at 2 PM EST (Toronto), with us in the World Council for Health General Assembly.

Extensive and free resources at the World Council for Health

Please take advantage of the extensive collections of free resources at the World Council for Health These include: proper safe and effective treatment for covid; guidance for surviving and recovering from the forced and coerced injections (Resource 1, Resource 2); optimizing your immune system health; understanding spike protein sheddingred alerts; important tools to help us restore human rights and freedom; and so much more.

Please consider helping support the World Council for Health

Beyond the Evidence

In this ten minute presentation Dr Bhakti goes beyond the evidence of the crime, and helps lead in the necessary lawful hunt and prosecution of the global predators running the covid crimes.

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