Dr Paul Alexander “They locked us down, lets lock them up!”

The Freedom Convoy and Dr Paul Alexander charge forward!

We absolutely love Dr Paul Alexander. We are so grateful to have him among us. We pray for  continuous protection, blessing, and guidance for him and his family.

Dr Alexander has stood against the criminal covid enterprise and strictly adhered to and shared the truth. He has not wavered from the truth despite death threats, viscous propaganda campaigns, and financial and professional persecution.   

He faithfully served the Canadian Truckers Freedom Convoy which brought so much love and peace to our nations capital until crime-minister Trudeau ordered cowardly and violent assaults against the people. Regardless of this pathetic crime-minister, the freedom convoy has grown and spread around the world, including with our cousins to the south in the USA.

Dr Paul Alexander is there, every step of the way, standing in the cold, travelling through the night, missing his home, but protecting and serving real people; serving them with knowledge, truth, love and wisdom.  

Here is a ten minute video of Dr Paul Alexander speaking to the good people of the Freedom Convoy USA in Hagerstown, Maryland, very recently on March 11th.

Truthful and passionate; this is an epic speech!

We can subscribe to, follow, and support Dr Paul Alexander directly on his substack page:  https://palexander.substack.com/