Hero Juscha Grunther Ending Vaxx Mandates Forever

Despite medical apartheid, Juscha Grunther inspires and organizes resistance to forced injections and electronic tags.


This is how far Trudeau has taken Canada from a free and fair society. Juscha Gunther is an intelligent articulate law-abiding Canadian woman, who refused to be coerced or forced into the covid-19 bioweapon injection.

For this, Juscha has lost her job, lost her home, and moved into a bus… in the winter!

Juscha has not given up. Rather, from her bus, she dedicated herself to the study of the law, and has created a tool to share with us: a bill to end “vaccine” mandates and human nanotech tagging and tracking.

This 14 minute video touches on the many facets of our current situation: legal, spiritual, scientific, social, and political. It shows the beauty and kindness within the vast majority of us, that is growing stronger, as we face the evil of the criminal covid enterprise.

End Vaxx Mandates TAC video

Action Steps

Juscha is not seeking any financial help, but we we reached out through friends at Take Action Canada, and have permission to share this email address (juscha@hushmail.com), so we can  message her, and/or donate financial support by e-transfer.  

I think Juscha mostly wants us to study the great work she has done on the bill to end the vaxx mandates and electronic ID tagging found here: https://drtrozzi.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/Final-DRAFT-Bill-to-End-Vaxx-Mandates-Uphold-Medical-Freedom-March-16-2022.pdf

Here is a sample letter which she has prepared for us to send, along with the bill, to our political representatives at federal, provincial and municipal levels.



Dear MP, MPP, MLA ___________________,

How is it possible that Canada and the world has gone from a 2 week lockdown to flatten the curve, to, two years later, a 2 tier apartheid society that allows only the vaccinated to enjoy many freedoms, to hundreds of thousands of Canadians faced with the impossible “choice” of taking an experimental injection that is linked with tens of thousands of deaths in the U.S. (see the VAERS data in links below) and almost a MILLION serious debilitating injuries or “adverse events”, or lose their jobs, their homes, their businesses, and some, even, their lives?

How is it possible that Canadians, including yourself who were elected by the people to represent the people, have passively accepted every dictate that has come directly or indirectly from Pharma-funded interests & organizations such as the W.H.O., Bill Gates, and the CDC, with barely a peep of protest as one freedom after another was eroded away in the name of public “safety”, when the survival rate of Covid for most people is actually 99.8% IF they come into contact with the virus? Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of businesses are on the chopping block, the “collateral damage” of lockdowns has been immeasurable, with deaths caused by cancelled doctor’s and specialist appointments, deaths by suicide, overdose, despair. The psychological damage to our children cannot yet be known, as they are forced to mask up, distance, isolate, vaccinate.

This is a CALL OUT to CANADIANS, to MPs & MPPs, to MLA’s and all government representatives to make the right choices now. Please share this video and sponsor this BILL to END VAXX MANDATES. The Freedom Convoy of truckers is demanding that you restore Canadian’s God given rights and freedoms. If you do nothing else, please get this Bill heard in Parliament ASAP as I fear that Trudeau intends to incite violence on the people he purports to govern – people who are doing nothing more than standing for the rights and freedoms that have been stripped from them over the past 2 years.

Very sincerely,