Brigette Belton | An Ironclad and Genuine Hero of Freedom

Trust fund millionaire, and delusional psychopath turned dictator, Trudeau stands on the necks of Canadians, especially regular people who won't submit.

Meet Brigette Belton

Just released. From a secret location Iron Will of Strong and Free Canada interviewed trucker and human rights activist Brigette Belton, a genuine grass roots Canadian hero. Brigette is one of the initiators and participants in the extremely peaceful and loving Freedom Convoy of 2022, that was violently crushed by police serving as Trudeau’s goons.  

Brigette dares to stand up for her inalienable rights. She voices opinions that differ from those that Klaus Schwab, Soros and Gates delegate to Trudeau. Like other human rights activists in Canada during Trudeau’s occupation, Brigette now lives with the threat of incarceration; hence the undisclosed location of this interview. She and her family’s bank accounts have also been frozen.

Brigette’s accounts are not stuffed with dirty millions like Trudeau’s; but she needs to find ways to make their monthly mortgage payment, keep their home, and feed their family and dog.  

Trudeau is a spoiled and entitled trust fund millionaire. He has no idea what it means to really work, worry about affording groceries, or paying house bills. He’s rich from birth, and is massively profiting by serving hostile foreign entities (Big Pharma, WEF, UN, George Soros, Bill Gates), while selling out Canadians and mocking the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

It is disgusting that Canadian police are now weaponized against working class heroes like Bridgette, while ignoring thousands of valid criminal complaints against Trudeau.

It is also disgusting that the military appear to be doing nothing to rescue Canadians from Trudeau and his evil foreign puppet masters.