Dr Guetzkow | Insidious shots far more deadly than thought

Israel's adverse events after booster survey reveals adverse events hundreds and thousands of times higher than passive systems like VAERS have exposed.

66% of booster victims report adverse events

Recent Israeli Ministry of Health survey results reveal adverse events after booster injections are hundreds and thousands of times worse than we thought. This active reporting survey differs from passive reporting systems like VAERS; this eliminates the severe under-reporting element that occurs with VAERS. Though the VAERS covid injection death and harm data continue to be  shocking; it appears that these injections are even worse than we thought; much worse!

66% of booster injection victims reported at least one adverse event, with half of them struggling to perform daily activities.

Dr Josh Guetzkow PhD is a senior lecturer from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, who has analyzed and organized the Israeli survey data. Here is his concise 22 minute presentation to the World Council For Health General Assembly on February 28, 2022.

We wanted to get this important news to you right away. Yesterday’s WCH General Assembly  video has not yet been edited into its parts; here it is in its unedited entirety. However Dr Guetzkow’s presentation runs 22 minutes long from 45:02 to 1:07:00, with several minutes of questions that follow.

More of Dr Guetzkow’s work is available on Substack https://jackanapes.substack.com/

Do you think the Israeli Minister of Health knew how dangerous these injections are?