Omicron | A Gift and Warning

Omicron is very mild but confers great natural immunity. It also is a sign of the forced injections driving SARS C0V2 evolution in dangerous directions

Omicron the Gift

From Data Analytics to Models: Developing New Tools to ...Omicron is generally the mildest and most infectious version of Covid-19. It is easy to catch, but it generally has very mild or no symptoms, and it confers great long lasting natural and effective immunity to SARS C0V2 and all its variants. This is why many experts are calling it “a gift”, or “a safe vaccine”.

Admittedly, one concern with omicron has been some very rare neurological effects; but these cases have been the exception to the vast majority which are described as a very mild respiratory flu like illness. One need not hesitate to take advantage of early safe treatments.

The forced injections, falsely labeled as “vaccines”, are not safe. They have a minimum 3% mortality rate, and 28% prolonged or permanent injury rate just within the first 3 months. They are not effective. The dangerous injections do not create immunity; rather they damage the immune system.

Webber Naturals Vitamin D3 1000IU Soft Gels - 180's ...Letting omicron run its course, and having the safe cheap early treatment options available, is a safe and intelligent way to foster real covid-19 immunity, both as individuals and societies.

Klaus Schwab on Reimagining Capitalism to Better Economy ...

If real science can be at the helm, rather than the criminal covid agenda,  then omicron is a gift that allows us to stop all of the non-sense, put the finishing touches on herd immunity, and return to living as normal free human beings.

We understand the biggest obstacle to this current sane strategy, is the criminal infiltrates in governments and institutions, who have dictated insane mandates for two years, and who are committed to the profits, power, and death being executed in the name of covid. We need them out of the way, and we continue praying and working for justice everyday.

Bill Gates on Omicron the Gift

Billionaire Bill Gates applauds 'great minds' in Edinburgh ...Personally, I would not trust Bill Gates with anything but a noose. Still some recent sounds coming out of his mouth are interesting. It recognizes that Omicron is a covid-ending gift to mankind, though this genocidal psychopath calls that “sad”.

“Sadly, the virus itself - particularly the variant Omicron - is a type of vaccine. That is, it creates both B cell and T cell immunity. And it’s done a better job of getting out to the world population than we have with vaccines.”


Omicron the Warning

Will the Covid Vaccines Stop Omicron? Scientists Are ...Indeed, the clinical mildness of Omicron provides an opportunity for anyone who missed covid-19 already, to catch this mild variant and build real broad spectrum coronavirus immunity; but omicron is also a warning. It shows extensive evolution of its spike protein. This is  evolution of the virus that is fostered by the forced injections. The injections trigger dysfunctional antibodies, which only target the spike protein. This puts evolutionary pressure on the coronavirus to evolve its spike protein, so as to escape the unnatural antibodies. This is “antibody mediated selection”. The forced injections are stimulating the evolution of the coronavirus; specifically the evolution of its spike protein.

In contrast, natural immunity targets many aspects of the coronavirus; it is much harder for the coronavirus to evolve so as to escape natural immunity. Natural immunity works against all the variants, and it does not nurture the evolution of the coronavirus.   

If people keep submitting to these injections, they will continue to be the living petri dishes in which the evolution of the spike protein is fostered. We already see, as anticipated, increased infections, viral loads, transmission and mortality rates among the injection victims. They are the most vulnerable to the variants that they are being used to cultivate through this injection induced process of antibody mediated selection.  

Continuing this process, and further driving the evolution of the spike protein, could render a virus with a very different spike protein. It may render a spike protein so different that it becomes adept at attaching to and infecting human cells using different cell receptors, not just the ACE2 receptors where coronaviruses normally adhere to cells. This would be a very different coronavirus. It would continue the pattern of being most dangerous to the injection victims, but it could eventually present serious risks to even healthy natural people.

So the warning from omicron is another good reason to stop the forced injections. Stop the injections and stop pushing the evolution of the SARS C0V2’s spike protein.

Here is an interview which explored this injection induced coronavirus evolution and its implications  

Reasons to stop the Covid Injections

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  1. They don’t work. They do not stop infection or transmission.
  2. They seriously damage the victims’ immune systems.
  3. They drive the evolution of the coronavirus.
  4. They kill and maim their victims.
  5. They put billions of dollars in the pockets of the most wicked people on earth.
  6. Natural immunity works, and omicron currently makes it easy to get it.
  7. Safe affordable simple treatments work, and facilitaterather than obstruct the development of natural immunity.

In Summary

Omicron is a gift. Let it run its course, immunize, and free the world. Omicron is a warning; stop the injections before we drive this virus’ evolution into uncharted and dangerous territory.