Trudeau regime seizes more power, but the people are rising

Intense interview by Dr Paul Alexander. How Honduras treated covid, with Dr Valerio. Power hungry Tudeau regime. Nation wide strike. Two more exceptional journalists arrive in Ottawa.

Today's post contains:

  1. An intense new 7 minute interview with Dr Paul Alexander. He will not be silenced by Canada’s covid criminals.
  2. Dr Valerio’s 20 minute presentation to the WCH explaining how Honduras provided safe effective treatment for covid and saved thousands of lives.
  3. Crime-Minister Trudeau push to maintain his new powers of martial law; “for our freedom”.
  4. Canada’s Freedom Truckers call for a Canada Wide Strike to continue the struggle to restore human rights and the rule of law to our country.
  5. Will Dove and Cris Vleck of Strong and Free Canada just arrived in Ottawa to investigate the scene of Trudeau’s brutal assault on peaceful protesters, and help find the path forward.

Dr Paul Alexander will not be silenced by Canada's covid criminals

Dr Paul Alexander with Anita Krishna. Dr Alexander can not be bullied and intimidated into silence. Here he unequivocally explains: the so-called covid “vaccines” have absolutely failed; none of the government covid dictates have had any benefit, they have only caused harm; the Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons across Canada are responsible for causing the death of thousands of Canadians, by blocking safe effective treatments while being accomplices to the forced injections agenda; the dinosaur media are scrupulous state propagandists who are deeply involved in the misinformation and killing of Canadians, as well as the persecution of doctors who refuse to be muzzled and intimidated, but instead continue exposing and explaining covid truths to Canadians. (7 minutes)

We can help support Dr Alexander here. He has sacrificed everything personal to save Canadian lives, and tell the truth

How Honduras provided safe effective treatment for covid and saved lives

AT the February 14th, World Council for Health General Assembly meeting, Dr Fernando Valerio  presented the life saving success in Honduras, using safe, affordable, effective treatments. As Dr Alexander explained above, thousands of Canadians died unnecessarily with covid because the same life saving treatments were blocked by Canadian Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons and their accomplices including Federal and Provincial governments. See what could have been done, and how people did not have to die. (20 minutes)

Trudeau is seeking to maintain his new powers of martial law; "for our freedom"

Despite the peaceful, lawful protesters already having been beaten by police, and thousands of Canadians forced away from our own parliament; Trudeau is still pushing to advance and maintain his dictatorial “Emergency Act” powers. Canada is under martial law and he plans to keep it that way. (80 seconds)

With the same condescending tones, Trudeau was manipulating the Canadian psyche very differently in 2015. This was in opposition to the government that preceded him. Notice the exaggerated fake emotional speech content typical of a psychopath. (1 minute)

Freedom Truckers call for Canada Wide Strike

Freedom Convoy Truckers call for a Canada wide truckers’ and citizens’ strike, until Trudeau is removed from office, the Emergency Act revoked, and all covid mandates ended. (9 minutes)

Strong and Free Canada team arrive in Ottawa

The Strong and Free Canada team of Iron Will Dove and Cris Vleck just arrived in Ottawa. Following the police brutality, the truckers and protesters have relocated. Will and Chris will learn more and provide daily reports and live streaming.