Laboratory Analysis reveals undisclosed ingredients and probable graphene in Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca vials


World Council For Health partners secured 4 vials of so-called “covid-vaccines” and have completed initial laboratory analysis. The interim report of all four vials: 1 Pfizer, 2 Moderna, and 1 AstraZeneca, revealed definite undisclosed ingredients, with a high suspicion of graphene.

Dr Rob Verkerk PhD founder of, and co-chair of the WCH Health and Humanities, presented the interim report last week to the General Assembly of the World Council for Health. Dr Verkerk is an astute scientist who explains deep science in language we can all understand. He has been a covid truth leader and we have benefited from and referred to his work often. Dr Verkerk is also the co-chair of the Health and Humanities Committee of the WCH, on which Dr Trozzi also serves. Here Dr Verkerk does a great job explaining the science behind the analysis which utilized Raman spectroscopy, in just 13 minutes.

You can join the weekly General Assembly meeting freely every Monday at 2 PM EST (Toronto time) here:

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